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ChristianAffair provides Christians with information about events in their area and nationwide. Subscribers can have information sent directly to their mobile phones in the form of an SMS message, or to their email address. Visitors can also search for events on-line.

FREE registration ...
You can register your church  and events for FREE.  All church and event information will be reviewed for suitability before being displayed on web pages or sent to subscriber mobile phones.

When you register your church with ChristianAffair you get the following benefits:

  • Automatically added to our church directory
  • Events added to our searchable online directory
  • Link to your church web page (if applicable)

Premium service ...
Our premium service offers all the benefits of the free registration, but we will also send details of your upcoming events directly to the mobile phones and email addresses of our subscribers.

Details of your upcoming events will be sent directly to the mobile phones and email addresses of all our subscribers that are interested in events in your area.


  • Church services
  • Revival meetings
  • Conventions
  • Concerts
  • And much more

Because details are sent to our subscribers you can be sure that they will be aware of your event.
The premium service costs £240 per year for each church building, this works out to just  £20 per month to send unlimited events directly to subscribers.
Initial registration is FREE.  Once your details have been reviewed and  accepted you can use the
update church details link to add events or upgrade to the premium service.

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